Why Professional Sourcing Company?

Why use a professional

Sourcing internationally today is a lot easier compared to 20 years ago. There are many websites out there financed by factories so they are visible. However like everything else without the necessary know how sourcing can easily turn into a nightmare and cost significantly more than initially estimated. We hare at agile take manage the whole process from beginning to end to deliver a stress free experience while saving money and improving overall quality. Here are some examples of why you should use agile global trade as your sourcing company :

Vast network of existing factories and contacts

We have been sourcing for over 13 years globally and built a vast network of suppliers. These suppliers help us connect with other suppliers and help us locate a reliable low cost manufacturer easily and efficiently. This is one of the major strengths of an established sourcing company.

Locating invisible web suppliers

Besides our network of contacts, we have local agents to search the invisible web, that is companies not readily available on English spoken web. We are able to do local searches in local languages to find those invisible web factories

Confirming Suppliers and In Factory Inspection

It is quite common to encounter a supplier that is indeed a company in the middle and not the actual manufacturer, it is also very common to find out the supplier does not even have a company and could be risky to do business with. This is where Agile local agents come into play. We do in house assessments to make sure we are working with a reliable source.

Price negotiations

We have local agents negotiating not only remotely but also face to face, we are here to represent you and get you to save the most amount of money for the ultimate quality.

Sampling Process

We make sure to go through multiple layers of sampling process and establish quality assurance standards

Administer Quality Program

Our quality process helps you inspect the factory while the product is being made and before it is loaded into containers. We are there at every step to make sure the process is successful.

Logistics Management

We take care of inland shipping as well as air and sea freight and delivery the goods to your door. We take care of all taxes, duties, tariffs, fees and assume importer of the record risk.

Local Logistics Agent

We have local logistics agents and work directly with local companies to get the best cost base.

Act as the importer of the record

We act as the importer of the record so any mid-classification risks are also assumed by us. If the harmonized code is incorrect and tariffs are due we take care of it.


We handle all international importing and shipping documentation. You just receive the products.

Warehouse and embarkment

We could if need be embark your containers different ports, warehouse, consolidate or pick and pack before the final delivery

Resolve disputes

We handle all disputes directly with the factories and resolve issues the most favorable way


We work on fixing the cost base for periods of 1,3, and 5 years to help you budget

Overall as your sourcing company we represent your best interest. We find, negotiate, handle all paperwork, establish standards, enforce standards and deliver a low cost premium product for less than what you are currently paying. We do this while reducing your risk through detailed process work and professionals on every single level.