Everything you had to know about Chipboard

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So you woke up with the urge this morning to have a solid understanding of what chipboard is and where it is used. Well here is the page to quench your undying thirst for everything that is out there to know about chipboard aka the grey board.

What is chipboard?

First of let’s start with common names, chipboard also known as, cardboard can be called gray board, grey board, paperboard or kraft board. We will be using these terms interchangeably moving forward.

Gray board is not corrugated board, it is pressed paper pulp and has no air trapped inside. This gives it the advantage over corrugated board for it is smooth, heavy and more sturdy compared to corrugated board. Gray board is made using recycled paper, so by definition it is earth friendly.

What color is chipboard?

Chip boards come in various colors bu main color of standard paperboard is gray. There are also white, black and kraft color paperboard. In essence if it is manufactured from scratch it is possible to add various pigments and make any color of paperboard.

White chipboard is usually clay-coated or laminated. The coating can be applied to one or both sides of the board. It is also possible to use 100% white board if need be but usually the process will yield a more expensive board. Usually the paperboard gets coated with another layer of paper so white chipboard is not widely utilized.

What kinds of boards are there?

Gray board types are mainly determined by type of recycled paper content and layers, there are four variations

  • 1 side laminated cardboard : One side recycled paper, the other side is laminated with high grade paper for a smooth finish
  • 2 side laminated  cardboard :  Same as above except both sides are laminated
  • fully laminated cardboard : made out of high grade paper layers instead of recycled paper, the highest quality
  • single layer/single ply cardboard: Lowest grade chipboard, no lamination.

There are many thicknesses of grey board. The higher the number the thicker the grey board is. A cereal box thickness is .022 points or 0.022 inches. Most book covers are made out of 100 point chipboard with is 0.100 inches.

What are the uses?

Gray board is used in many different industries, some of those are:

  • Packaging
  • Book making
  • Shoe making
  • Scrapbooking
  • Toys
  • Table top games

It is possible to find grey board manufacturers domestically however since gray board has no tariff schedules attached to it, it usually it makes more sense to import it for a lot less from overseas. Agile has a set of manufacturers overseas and would be happy to help you source top quality gray boards with considerable amount of savings.