Sourcing EVA Foam From China

Black and EVA foam for packagingEthylene-vinyl acetate also known as EVA Foam was used mainly for high end packaging for our client. EVA is a soft, but extremely durable polymer of ethylene. It is mainly used in clothing such as flip flop
s and also flooring related products. The foam is easy to use and comes in variety of shapes and colors.

We were approached with the question the possibility of sourcing a stock EVA foam from China. The existing foam was a closed cell EVA foam currently supplied by a foam processor in the continental USA and although the quality was good the price had gone up 27% in the last 2 years and this was making the company less competitive and was also eroding the margins.

Our search yielded a focused school of factories near the city of Shanghai. We contacted 10 companies and our research indicated that out of 10 only 6 of them did any manufacturing. We had gone through extensive testing and found out that replacing current EVA foam with PE foam would yield a lot more consistency on the product as well as an improved smooth look.

Polyethylene foam, also known as PE Foam foam is a strong, persistent closed-cell foam. PE foam has very good shock absorbing qualities and it also can dampen sound, reduce vibration while providing a high end polished look. We had three rounds of testing from 4 manufacturers and finally placed a test order with a factory keeping 2 others as backups.

The end result was a huge success, we not only saved 31% over the current foam cost but also improved the way the foam looks. Our white foam looked whiter and black foam was a lot smoother than before.