Case Studies

Sourcing Case Studies

Below you will find se
lect instances we have been given the chance to help our clients. Our strength lies in the detail to attention and through strategic analysis of every product to make sure no details is overlooked. Please click on read more to read full case studies.

Sourcing Neodymium Magnets

Our client had been using high quality high strength N35 Neodymium rare earth magnets to make high quality name badges for the last 15 years; they expanded their market via fast turnarounds and high quality custom badges. When we connected with then we learned that they bought a sizeable amount of magnets domestically and were wondering if we could save them any money for 70% of their product cost was in magnets. Read More

Sourcing EVA Foam from China

Ethylene-vinyl acetate also known as EVA Foam was used mainly for high end packaging for our client. EVA is a soft, but extremely durable polymer of ethylene. It is mainly used in clothing such as flip flop
s and also flooring related products. The foam is easy to use and comes in variety of shapes and colors. Read More

Sourcing High Grade Chipboard

Chipboard also known as paperboard or cardboard is a thick paper based material made from recycled paper via laminating one or more layers into each other to generate the end product. Usually chipboard comes with one to three layers of coating on the top and one layer on the reverse side. Because of its recycled content it will be mostly grey on the inside. The main market of chipboard is custom packaging, packaging of frozen or chilled food, shoes, toys. We were tasked to sourcing high grade chipboard globally to reduce buying cost as well as improve the existing quality. Read More