Sourcing FAQ

We get asked quote a few questions regarding our sourcing and procurement process on a daily basis.Here are some of the most common questions we receive  outlined in this brief sourcing FAQ

I spend a lot of money buying raw materials, how can you help me?

Here is an outline of our process, contact us for a risk free analysis and we will be happy to help you reduce your cost.

Do you only source from China?

No, we source all around the world including U.S.A. Our goal is to reduce your cost and improve your quality wherever the opportunity is.

Why should I go with you, won’t I save more if I did this myself?

In theory you might, but see this page before you do so.

Do you only source raw materials?

No, we strategically source machinery, or retail products as well. Contact us for a free feasibility analysis.

How long does it take?

It depends on the products but usually locating a manufacturer and sampling process can take a month

It takes so long to get products from overseas

Not necessarily, usually once the product ships it takes 18-21 days on the water if it is shipped from western ports of China.

Do we have to buy container loads?

Although there is no minimum on most products it makes the most sense to fill at least a 20 foot container.  We also ship LCL (Less than container load) or air freight.

Do you handle the shipment?

Yes, we work directly with the shipping lines and we have a continuous bond.

How do you make sure the importer is a manufacturer?

Our local team inspects the factory to make sure the goods are produced to your quality standards.

How about duties and tariffs, we know nothing about them!

We determine the harmonized tariff code for you and handle all duties, tariffs and port charges. You just pay for the landed cost.