Our sourcing process

Our detailed sourcing process

Our sourcing process is simple yet requires complete dedication and exhaustive research. There are four distinct stages to our mutual success story:

Stage I Initial Feasibility
Stage II Main Discovery
Stage III Test Order
Stage IV Final order


Stage I

The first stage in our sourcing process  is to communicate about your product, specs, pain points, time frames, volumes, quality and price point. At this stage we determine if it is feasible to conduct a global search for this product. If we do, we conduct an initial sweep and look for potential world regions and suppliers. We receive preliminary cost estimates and present 1,3 and 5 year budgetary savings proposals.

Stage II

This stage is the exact discovery stage. Here we work with a series of suppliers and our client to determine; acceptable quality standards, calculate shipping costs, negotiate terms, negotiate prices, determine harmonized tariff codes, applicable duties and tariffs, packaging requirements,  perform site checks and present a landed cost quote for 1,3 and 5 year terms.

Stage III

This is the test order stage, at this stage we go through at a minimum one test order to make sure the pre-determined quality standards and specs are met. We might need to go through multiple revisions of test orders shipped via air or ground to reach a consensus on the acceptable quality of the end product.

Stage IV

This is the final order stage of our sourcing process. At this stage a full order is placed and following orders are scheduled for production. Order is checked and confirmed at the source factory and container is loaded by our agents. We handle all the paperwork, labor, inspections and inform you the client on ths status of the goods at every step.