Products we source

Freight train carrying products we source

Products we Procure

At Agile the products we source vary greatly within industries. The range of products we source range from nails to heavy machinery. We work on every single project in great detail and take it into smaller parts specifications that we can establish standards on.  Some of the product examples of what we source are:

Adjustable screw with nylon head
Apparel accessories
Automotive Parts & Supplies
Bicycles and accessories
Carbon steel pipe
Cell Phone Accessories
Chlorhexidine Powder
Construction Equipment
Curcumin Powder
Deep groove ball bearing
Elastic book rubber band
Electronic Equipment
EVA Foam
Galvanized Steel Pipe
Granite Countertops
HDPE pipes
Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder
Kitchen accessories
Levamisole Powder
Machine Tools
Medical/surgical parts
Musical instruments and accessories
Neodymium Magnets
New Product Development
Office Supplies & Equipment
Text/Index/Cover Paper
Pet Products
Pipe and pipe fittings
Pneumatic Tools
Power cords
PP Corrugated Plastic Sheet
PP/PE/PVC sheet
Precision measuring tools
Precision phillips hex head screw
Recycled HDPE granules
Ringlock Scaffolding
Rubber Band Ball
SBS Paperboard
Silicone Rubber tube sleeve
Souvenir Items
Sports & Fitness Equipment
Stainless Hex Bolt
Telephone Equipment
Tires and tubes
Transparent and clear cast acrylic sheet
Virgin HDPE granules
Wheels for cars and trucks
Wood Products