Global Strategic Sourcing

Global Strategic Sourcing

Global strategic sourcing direct from the manufacturerWhat is Global Strategic sourcing?

Global Strategic sourcing is the process of using the supply chain management to gather pertinent information regarding a given need and locating the best possible source to manufacture that need.  The search process is performed all around the globe to maximize the returns on investment and realize the most optimal cost structure.

At Agile, our task is to extend this research around the globe for you while you can focus on your core business. You have many given tasks in a given day from sales to marketing, human resources to finance. purchasing to manufacturing. Your core business could be in manufacturing or selling which in many cases would require you to dedicate valuable company resources on areas that you are not most optimal. Let us handle the procurement in the most professional way.

We accomplish this via three main venues:


Online Research, The Visible Web

We have numerous online databases to locate factories around the world. Some of these resources are well known websites while others are focused around a given product line. We call this the visible web for it is readily accessible from the English speaking world.

Localized Search, The invisible web

We research invisible web factories that do not have presence on international web but rather work through local organizations or localized search engines. These are researched through our local agents via local databases.

The vast sourcing network

Chances  are either we or one of our partners already sourced what you need or a similar item the past.Our wide network will help us locate the most reliable manufacturer for your needs.


A successful sourcing process is followed by the global procurement process where we ensure the necessary steps are taken to implement a successful global sourcing and procurement process.